About Simon

Owner of the Torbay Fishing website.

Started shore fishing: 1986
Started this website: 2004
Personal Goal: to catch a decent sized shore caught conger

To contact me: Email Me

If you see me fishing please say hi and let me know what you think of the site. I would be really happy if you did!

I am never more relaxed than when I'm staring at a rod or float. I return all catches still alive. The only exception is decent sized mackerel, which I either eat soon after or keep for bait. I always take a camera with me so I can photograph and return fish which are worthy of a snap. I don't enter competitions because I don't like having to kill a fish just to get it weighed.

I first started shore fishing back in 1986 when we moved to Torquay. My parents bought a hotel only yards away from meadfoot beach so whenever I wasn't working I would go fishing. It was one of my first times out that got me hooked (so to speak). One sunny day I hit a shoal of mackerel that remained in the area for over an hour. The result was 86 mackerel in 2 bin bags and the hotel serving up local caught mackerel over a week period.

All I had then was one rod, one reel and the knowledge that even then sea fishing was something I was going to be into for the rest of my life.

During the early 90's I bought a boat and I would often go out for the day fishing. I would launch from Brixham and fish through Brixham, Paignton and Torquay while amazingly somehow always ending up moored at babbacombe and quenching my thirst in the pub there :)

During the mid 90's life was too busy and the fishing was put on hold and it was only in 2003 that I took it back up seriously because the stress of life needed an outlet. In the past year I have spent a lot on equipment and bait. Even my cars are bought with fishing rods in mind.

My normal fishing gear when I go out is a 10ft pier rod with a 14ft beach caster. I have fixed spool on the pier rod and a multiplier on the beach caster.

My eldest daughter Hannah (11) has recently taken a real shine to fishing so you'll be seeing more of us fishing together...

Hannah Day
My daughter Hannah, Summer 2014

If the location I'm in is quiet of people you'll often see me with 3 or 4 rods all out experimenting with different rigs and bait to see what works in which areas. In just a short space of time it's amazing the knowledge you learn.

I also enjoy making all my own rigs because the thrill of catching a good fish on rigs you make yourself just adds to my enjoyment and the thrill of the experience.

I often take out people new to fishing and teach them how to set up rigs, cast and so on. I wouldn't call myself an expert by any means and I am not a member of any fishing club. Everything I know is self taught and by watching and asking others.