Fishing rig guide

By Simon Day

Fishing rig guide.

There are a lot of different sea fishing rigs to choose from. I have listed the most popular and most used rigs for our shores.

1up 1 down Fishing Rig

A nice bottom rig when fishing flat, sandy waters.
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1up 1down fishing rig

Float Fishing Rig

Float fishing is very popular and is one of the easiest ways to fish. If you want to catch bait fish like Mackerel then this is a good way of catching them.
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float fishing rig

The Pulley Rig

This is a very good rig when fishing rocky waters.
You will lose a lot less rigs using this one.
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pulley rig

The Cod Rig

A very popular rig for catching Cod.
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cod Rig

The Pennel Rig

A good rig for catching large fish but also small.
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pennel rig